Add-Ons By Simtech Development: Shipping Estimate

Yes, nor can you pick another shipping method from the available methods. While the automatic geo location is a nice idea, I'm afraid this add-on wasn't thought through completely. At least for me.

I've submitted a ticket asking for a refund.


Hello Jack,

I am sorry to know that the add-on does not suit you. Could you please describe what do you expect from the add-on so that we can improve it?

I think I've done that above.

I think I've done that above.

What do you mean by "Yes, nor can you pick another shipping method from the available methods."?


I would like to inform you that our Shipping Estimate add-on is compatible with the default Vendor Locations [Beta] add-on.


Weight calculation which is based on minimum order total has been added in our Shipping Estimate add-on.

Hello, Friends! We released the new add-on version. Now shipping cost on the product page changes depending on the product quantity if shipping is additionally configured in the product properties.

Hello, Friends!

Here's a little update on the add-on:

Previously, if IP Geolocation by MaxMind or Geolocation by Google (deprecated) was not installed, the Shipping Estimate did not define the user’s location despite the active Maps & Geo module (default CS-Cart add-on). To rectify this, additional processing of obtaining geodata has been added. Now, Shipping Estimate properly defines the user location without extra plugins.