Add-Ons By Simtech Development: Real-Time Messenger

Dear Friends,

The Real-Time Messenger add-on is a perfect tool for realtime messaging between customers and vendors.

Providing customers with a tool to chat with vendors on the fly is a good opportunity to amaze your customers with exceptional service! If any question arises, it can be immediately addressed to the vendor. The vendor gets email notification and replies to the customer in order to answer the questions, dispel doubts or convince them. It’s obviously a good chance to help customers make their purchase decision faster.

Your benefits:

- no need of any third-party messenger or live chat

- absolute control over all vendor/customer correspondence

- providing utmost satisfaction with your marketplace

- no outside arrangements between customers and vendors

Key features

- Fast and secure messaging for customers and vendors;

- Clickable links in messages;

- Communication history;

- Showing the number of unread messages;

- E-mail notifications about new messages;

- The Contact vendor link on the product details page, order details page and vendor’s products list;

- The Contact customer link on the order details page;

- Ability to specify forbidden words, which are hidden in the correspondence (e.g. @gmail for Google email addresses).


- Real-Time Messenger requires pre-configuration of your server environment.

- PHP 5.6.0 minimum. SSL certificate and HTTPS enabled.

- Both the add-on installation and server configuration are included in the price. If any problems on your server are revealed, additional payment will be required.

- The add-on may not work with a shared hosting.

How it works

To start a conversation a customer needs to click the Contact vendor link on one of the following pages:

- on the product details page;

- on the order details page;

- on the vendor’s products list.

The vendor can also initiate a conversation with a customer on the order details page.

Communication is shown on a separate page.

Your customers will find it especially convenient to exchange messages from their mobile devices.

The number of unread messages is displayed in the profile.

All the unread messages can be seen on the Messages page.


The add-on is compatible with Multi-Vendor 4.5.1 and above. Need compatibility with another version? Contact us.

User Guide

Learn more about the add-on in the User Guide.

Buy the Add-on

I will be glad to answer all your questions about the add-on.

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Добрый день! Этот модуль можно ставить на обычный CS-CART???

Добрый день! Этот модуль можно ставить на обычный CS-CART???


Нет, модуль работает только на Multi-Vendor. Вы бы хотели такой модуль для CS-Cart для общения администратора с покупателями?

And the same question: would you like to use the messenger for CS-Cart version, not only Multi-Vendor?

Да хотим использовать мессенджер для версии cscart для общения администратора и покупателя.

can i use this in cscart single v4.3.7

would love to try if can install in my cs-cart.

I was posted it here;

and just saw you have posted here and discussion going on.

What is the difference between this messenger and real time messenger from SimTech?

This is real time messenger; https://www.simtechd...-messenger.html

This is just messenger; https://www.simtechd.../messenger.html

I looked their docs and they says almost the same thing, accept that the real time messenger require some configuration on the server to check for a new messages.

Also, the latest 4.72 version multi-vendor includes similar messenger, isn't? if not, what is the difference between all 3 of them?

Also my another question is, what will happen if the vendor offline?

Please Simtech or someone who used above messenger share your knowledge.

Thanks in advance!


With our Real-Time Messenger vendors and customers do not have to update the communication page, it is updated automatically, so they will see new messages immediately. But with our simple messenger and default messenger add-ons there is some delay in updating.

Thanks for your reply.

one more question I have to ask you:

from my understanding that, the addon included in multi-vendor 4.72, the "Contact Vendor" is the same as the real time messenger, accept it's not real time.

what will happen if customer use "Contact Vendor" and the vendor is not online? I mean on the real time messenger, will there be different color text if the vendor is real time online or offline?

for example on alibaba, if the vendor is offline, "leave message" will be on. if the vendor is real time online, "chat now" will be on.

Thanks Oleg!

If vendor is not online, customer still can write a message. Customer will not know if vendor is online of offline, but vendor will receive an e-mail notification if he/she has new message.

Thanks Oleg!

You are welcome! If you have any other questions regarding the add-on, please let me know.

Hi Oleg,

Can customers reply back to the notification email or do you only send them a link to the website?


Hi Oleg,

Can customers reply back to the notification email or do you only send them a link to the website?



We send just the link to the website, not the message itself.