Add-On: [Wsa] Product Options Vat

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Add-on adds ability to set different VAT for each product option variants.
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PS. Free bug fixing and no core file changes!

This add on doesnt seem to add any rates to the product when a tax option is selected. What is its actual objective? The demo doesn't make sense if the VAT isn't applied to order total?

PS... OK, I get the purpose now but what would be good is if when you pick an option the VAT calculation should be offered at the product price?

E.g. Set a option called 'Ship from‘ and it has two variants.. EU or China.

If I select China, this one is no extra's applied to it, if I select EU it has 20% VAT applied to the variant, however when selecting it the product price is not updated to include the VAT, nor is there any clear mention of the VAT (Ex and Inc VAT) which is legally required at the products level and checkout flow.

Can these things be solved then I am very keen to purchase this add on.