The add-on connects the tariff plans of sellers and user groups. Accordingly, when changing the tariff plan, a new group of users with already configured restrictions and privileges will automatically be connected to the seller.


As a rule, marketplaces develop different tariff plans for different types of sellers, each of which has its own characteristics, privileges and restrictions. As their business grows or sales through the marketplace increase, sellers can change tariff plans to get more privileges. In this case, the administrator has to manually connect a group of users whose settings coincide with the new tariff plan of the seller.

The action is, in principle, simple, and will take literally a few seconds. However, there may be more than one hundred or even more than one thousand sellers on the marketplace. And they need to be constantly monitored for tariff changes and, if necessary, connect a new group of users to them.

The “Tariff plans” add-on allows you to automate this process: the seller changes the tariff plan, and the add-on automatically connects a new group of users to it.

Add-on functionality

When setting up a tariff plan, you link the corresponding group of users to it, and the add-on connects them to each other. When the seller changes the tariff plan, a new user group specified in the tariff plan settings is automatically connected to him.

The add-on is included in Enterprise packages for CS-Cart for online stores.

Compatible with CS-Cart version for online stores of Standard and Ultimate versions. No testing was conducted for the Free version.

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