Add-On: Table Of Product Options

CS-Cart ‘Table of product options’ add-on is a great tool that simplifies the process of bulk buying for sellers and buyers. The add-on allows to add a table with product options (option combinations) that has the following columns:

- Product image

- Options

- Price

- Code

- In stock

- Quantity

- Subtotal


- Flexible table settings, you can hide some columns if it necessary

- Ability to set columns for the whole store, each category individually and each product page individually

- Subtotal and total auto calculation

- Support multiple currencies (format of all price values in accordance with currencies settings)

- Bulk buying by one click on ‘Add to cart’ button

- Support option combinations, Forbidden combinations, allowed combinations

- Quantity column supports minimum/maximum order quantity, quantity step and in stock settings

- Ability to set height of scrollable table

You can find more information about add-on and try demo here

‘Table of product options’ add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.7.2 version.

Hi, when this is installed does it automatically change all the products to show options in a table, or do we have to manually change each option to show as a table.

Hello, the add-on does it automatically by default. If necessary you can turn off the table of options for particular product or for the whole category manually.

1 last question can it work on a product with more options like this.

Some have to be dropdown and some can be table on same product

Our add-on collects all options in the table without exeptions.There is no matter how many options a product has, all of them will be displayed in the table only.

Is it possible to show the total price on the product page?

I use the standard cs-cart options.