Add On : Sms Notification To Customer

Proinvent: Advance SMS Notifications

This addon helps to create Automatic SMS notifications to your customers & vendors. You can easily add a payment link, tracking number, or reward points to your SMS. We have created a solution that can easily be integrated with Multivendor edition & Single Storefront.

We can add one single more carrier as per customer requirement for Free, Current available Twilo, msg91

What benefits SMS notifications provide to an online store?

For admin

Additional way to contact your clients

Get closer to your clients by sending SMS right from the admin panel of your store.


With full integration and automation, there’s no need to inform each client manually. Once the add-on is configured, notifications are sent automatically.

Several SMS services to choose from

The add-on is integrated with popular SMS services, so admin can choose the suitable one according to current needs and budgets. Simple API integration allows you to configure notifications in a couple of clicks.

Templates for notifications

With placeholders, you’ll configure notifications templates fast and will be able to include all the needed info in them, i.e. order ID, client’s name, Amount, etc.

For Customers

Instant update

SMS notifications are sent once order status is changed, or info on order shipping is added.
SMS notifications are sent on Registration.

For Vendors

Instant update

SMS notifications On vendor Status Change, Order Received/Reminders
SMS notifications are sent on Registration.
SMS notifications are sent on account approval and deactivated.

Add-on Features:

  • Sending SMS on order status change;
  • Sending SMS on product shipping;
  • Ability to send SMS manually to a certain client;
  • Sent SMS notifications log.

SMS Country Setting

SMS Setting for Customer

SMS can be Send to Admin As Well

SMS LOGS for all SMS sent for record

We Have also Updated

1. SMS logs to record where and when the SMS sent

2. Country Phone Setting

3. SMS to Administrator


Team Proinvent Systems