Add-On : Single Seller Checkout

Hello Community,

We are glad to present you the add-on CS-Cart Single seller Checkout.

Overview :

This impressive add-on allows to checkout from single seller only. Customers can add only one seller’s product to the cart. Via CS-Cart Single Seller Checkout, admin can allow the vendors to manage payment methods at their end. This add-on is very useful when admin wants to create order from a single seller only and not from multiple seller.

Features :

  • -> Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.
  • -> Functionality to add only one vendor’s product to the cart.
  • -> Functionality to enable desired payment method for checkout at vendor end.
  • -> A separate tab has been provided at vendor end to manage payment methods.
  • -> Allows admin to restrict the vendor from changing the status of desired payment methods.
  • -> Functionality to display an alert message when customers add products from various vendors.
  • -> Easy to configure and manage at admin end.

Compatibility :

Compatible with CS-Cart Multi-vendor 4.3.x,4.4.x

Global Settings :

  • -> Check the box provided for “Vendor manage payment” field to allow store vendor to activate and disable the desired payment method.
  • -> “Restricted Payment Method” field extends the functionality of Vendor manage payment field. Check the boxes to restrict the vendor from changing the status of these selected payment methods. Status of these will remain as per the settings made at admin end.

Vendor End View :

Go to “Vendors -> Vendors” tab, Now open the vendor details page at vendor end and click on the “Payment method” tab as per the below screen shot.

As admin has restricted the “Credit Card” Payment method in the add-on settings. So the vendor can not change the status of this payment method. Vendor can only change the status of non restricted payment methods as per the below snapshot.

Front End View :

Customer is not allowed to add the products to the cart from multiple vendors.

A warning message gets displayed as per the below snapshot whenever the customer tries to add product to the cart from various vendors.
Demo & Documentation :
For Demo please click here
For User Guide please click here
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Hello Community,

We are pleased to inform that this add-on is now compatible with CS-Cart 4.4.x

Thank You