Add- on request price based on size

Hi all, does anyone know a developer that can help me with the following:

A price calculation box using width, height and thickness using the following method:

width x lenght x thickness x a cubic meter price

P.e: 140cm x 200cm x 10cm x €320m³ = €89,60

We need to adjust the last number: 320m³ according to our needs. Also we don't need to put it on all of our products. So we would like to switch it on or off on the product page manager.

The module will show on some of the products that require custom sizes, Others have a fixed price.

We use the 3.0 version.

If interested please reply! I have a screenshot that can give you an idea wat we need.

Price negotiable.

I don't understand why this is posted in the COMMERCIAL MODULES forum…

I think you need to post your question in the Support Forum for your version.