Add-On Request: Historical Product Cost (Purchase Module)

We are in the need to have add-on developed.

Below is the initial list of requirements:[list]

[]add product cost, manufacturer part number & manufacturer product name entry to both products with and without combinations

]enable historical cost entry, by storing all previous purchase costs by date and qty purchased

[]enable additional fields to be stored with historical data (purchase order number, manufacturer invoice number etc)

]show product cost based on average cost price taken from historical data

[*]be able to view historical purchase data, preferably with some search ability


Could you please contact me with possible development cost and time frame.

Thank you.


cs-cart version 4.1.5

So you are wanting a PO module developed that can track your PO's for inventoried products?

Please click the get-a-quote link in my signature and provide these requirements and we'll be happy to give you a quote.

We will be happy to create this module for you. Feel free to contact us

We are ready develop this functionality too. Just contact us.

Requests sent. Thank you in advance!