Add-on "Mark-up on products in the selected category" FOR CS-CART

Add-on “Mark-up on products in the selected category” FOR CS-CART

The add-on allows you to set up your own mark-up for categories both in a fixed amount and as a percentage of the cost of the product. The previously set margin is automatically applied to all new products in the category and to edited products.

Pricing in the online store

The process of pricing for an online store is of great importance. One of the solutions to this issue is a certain margin on the wholesale price at which the goods are purchased from the supplier. For different categories and suppliers, the margin may be different depending on the costs of logistics and storage of goods.

As a rule, the administrator of the online store receives from the supplier a file with information about the goods, including the supplier’s price, and uploads these files in the form in which they are in the database of the online store. And then he has to manually correct the supplier’s price for the price that will be relevant for the online store.

In order to keep prices up to date, you will need to hire an additional person, or even more than one, if you have a lot of suppliers, and the assortment is updated frequently. Moreover, all work after it will need to be checked in order to avoid errors. And this is an additional expense of money and time.

Add-on functionality

We have created a add-on that allows you to solve this task faster, easier, easier and without the risk of errors. The add-on “Mark-up per category” allows you to set up a mark-up for an entire category of goods at once, and not enter the price in each individual product.

There are two forms of markup available to you:

  1. Fixed amount in the store’s currency, for example, 1000 rubles;
  2. Percentages of the value of the goods.

After you set a mark-up for a category, the cost of all products in it will be recalculated. Moreover, the cost of all new products that fall into this category will also be recalculated. And even if you manually edit the price of the product, after that a mark-up will be applied to the new price or if the products are downloaded from external sources.

Mark-up on supplier category

You can set a margin not only on the category of the online store, but also on the category of the supplier. If you need to put an individual mark-up for a separate supplier, for example, his goods require special storage conditions, which increases their costs, then you can set a mark-up not for your category, but for the category of this supplier.

The add-on “Mark-up for goods in the selected category” allows you to simplify the process of managing an online store, which means that you can reduce staff and save on wages. In addition, with its help, you can set up an individual margin for each supplier, taking into account the costs of logistics and storage of goods from them.

The add-onis included in Enterprise packages for CS-Cart for online stores.

Compatible with CS-Cart version for online stores of Standard and Ultimate versions. No testing was conducted for the Free version.

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