Add On : Google Merchant / Shopping Auto Integration

Being on the Google Shopping platform is the best way to reach more potential customers around the world. Cs-Cart Google Merchant add-on helps you get your items on to search results by automatically generating listings from your product list to Google merchant Product. Entire work is done via a API no need to to Download or upload any file.

With this handy tool, you will be able to promote your business more efficiently while saving time.

Some of the Best features of the addon are

-- You can any time Enable/Disable Products for Google Merchant

-- When the Product is Our of Stock, It is Auto Disabled from Google Merchant, Saving you Money

-- On Update of Product Details, new Details are Update on Google Merchant

-- If you are using Multivendor, you can set maximum product a vendor can enable for Google merchant

  • Make your items available on Google Shopping to reach more people
  • Get noticed by your potential customers and drive incoming traffic
  • Boost your sales and grow revenue
  • Save time by auto-adding products to your google merchant account


Promote your products on Google Shopping with no hassle

With the Google Merchant add-on, you can select products from your store to add to your google merchant.

After Installation

Update your Google Credentials

You can Limit the Products to be Send to Google merchant, Activate or disabled Google merchant

This Addon Also Allows to Add individual or Remove Products from Google merchant with single click

Finally Products are Synced with Google merchant, It shows Update or Added in last 24 hours.

Any Suggestion or Improvement to make it more Effective

based on recent purchase by customer we have updated

1. Reduced the size of the ADD/Remove Button to meet Page CSS

2. Provided Multiple Products Add or Remove from Google merchant at one go,

2. Solved in case of Blank data Eg Age -- It will Not Give error at google merchant

Looking forward for More Suggestios

Hi, I bought this add but it doesn't work, I sent email messages several times but without feedback and I was forced to ask for a refund and I'm sorry.
I can buy it again if the seller assures me it works and / or fixes the errors.

We have Rectified the Bug and Ensure it work properly. The issue pertains in creating the Google Auth We are converting them to the direct without have Buyer google Auth requirement.