Add-On: Full Width Grid

Full Width Grid allows to create full width grids (bg, menu, banners, etc).
Transforms standard CS-Cart themes and takes them to the next level.


- Make section full width
Useful for those who want to make banners with full width of the screen or any other content

- Add top and bottom padding
Useful if you set the background or the content of the blocks is too close to each other

- Add custom class to section Useful if you want to set the background to the full width of the screen, without stretching the content or add styles for the section
Allows the background to set a parallax effect

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Compatibility: 4.9.x - 4.11.x




Updated the add-on for compatibility with CS-Cart 4.12.1



Updated the add-on, now updates will be available through the update center
And now there is an option to activate the add-on only for certain parts of the layout (useful for custom themes)

It is recommended to reinstall

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