Add-on development for Ultimate v3.x


I developed a small add-on for a facebook like button on the homepage.

However, now I switched to the Ultimate edition, I noticed I can only set the settings for the addon when I select “All stores” in the administration top header. If I select one of the stores, I can't set the settings.

So my simple question is, how should I do to be able to save settings per store?

I see it is possible for some addons, like reward points, SEO, comments and reviews,…

I looked on the cs-cart and google for an answer, but can hardly find any information on the Ultimate edition.

It would be great if somebody can help me.



I looked in some other addons and found some differences in the addon.xml. So I added them, and it seems to work:


PS. To see your changes to a template also you need to disable and re-activate the plugin.

It would be good though if CS-cart would provide some more info on addon development!

I guess they want to keep this for them so can make extra money there… a pitty…

Thank you sir, you are a LIVE SAVER!