Add-On By Webkul: Web To Print

Hello Community,

Here we present a simple new paid add-on "CS-Cart Web To Print".


This addon is used to create a customized product from admin panel. It provides a unique feature to your CS-Cart store by which a customer can customize and redesign the product from the storefront. Customer can order the product after customizing it from the store. Admin can set the number of sides which customer can customize only on the selected area on the canvas. The customers will be able to choose from the predefined templates wherein the customer can change/alter the image, text, and layout within the template.

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  • Admin can set canvas area(height and width) where the complete canvas will be shown.
  • Admin can set a clip area where customer can customize the product sides.
  • Set clip position on the canvas.
  • Admin/vendor can set any product for the customization
  • Option to set any number of sides for any product where customer can customize.
  • Advanced backend options for admin to create a default template for each side.
  • Option to add any text, image and clip art to customize the product.
  • Admin and customer both can download customized files after making an order.
  • The customized image will be visible in the shopping cart & other places as a product image.
  • Well integrated with MVE/CS-Cart.
  • Easy to use and maintain for admin.

Addon Compatibility:

Compatible with CS-Cart Multivendor 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x.
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We would be happy with any comment and suggestions. Please do share your valuable feedback!
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Interesting, how do we get admin demo


For live demonstration Click here: Web To Print Demo.