Add-On By Webkul: Plan Modification

Hello Community,

Here we present a new add-on CS-Cart Plan Modification.


When a vendor wants to have an online store to sell his products, he must choose a vendor plan. Admin will create the vendor plans and offers a different kind of services to the vendor. Vendor plans are the membership plans that a vendor will select to start selling his products on an online store. To provide vendors with multiple options of commission to a plan, “CS-Cart Plan Modification” add-on is developed. This Add-on allows the admin to create multiple options based on the number of products and commission as a “plan type” for a single Plan. So, a vendor can select any of the available “plan type” for the respective plan as per his choice.

1. An admin can set multiple commission for a single Plan.

2. Admin can assign any plan type to the vendor from the back end.

3. A vendor can also change the commission for the current Plan.

4. The Vendor can change the selected Commission in the Registration Form.

Addon Compatibility:

Compatible with CS-Cart Multivendor 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x.
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