Add New Tab for Additional Product Image Display

Hi, I am trying to add a tab to our product section that will display nutritional information for our products as images.


Only I want to add a tab next to the “description” tab that will show images of the nutritional information … like this:…nals/03-701.gif

We sell other products other than food items so the tab has to be conditional to the product …

What would be perfect is, if we could somehow add an image display that is like the main product display in a tab so that the visitor can view each nutritional label (there are multiple nutritional labels for many products) as an image … kind of like what my competitor has set up here: (click on nutritional information)

My Food Storage

quick paypal to someone who can do this or help me with this … thx

What is the problem ?

Design > Bloc > create bloc html My info nutrition

Product tabs > add bloc My info nutrition

example my site




do you mean like having the extra images (gallery) in a tab instead under the product?

By the way I love the layout of

This is not Cs-Cart right?


Hi Fotis

Jquery to the tabs no, but it must be possible

It is additional information for some products

Jquery only for pages