Add New product code


I would need to add aditional product code (to make sure I can cross references with my supplyer, he has internal product code I want to use as cs-cart product code, and gencode I need to use as delivery code for post system.

I had a look at search here but couldn’t find a way to do this :slight_smile:

thanks for your help.

What about creating your product code like, code1-code2, that way it will come up im alladmin searches then you can just export whatever ones you require.

Or code1, in the product code field and code1 and code 2 in the search words field


Create a product feature named “supplier-code”.

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]Create a product feature named “supplier-code”.[/QUOTE]

So if I were to create a product feature (supplier-code) and uncheck the product and catalog pages during feature creation, then the code is present just not viewable?

Would doing this allow for import and export of the newly created feature (supplier-code) for supplier inventory comparison via csv. Essentially check our database against the supplier product code csv? (given the csv to be imported is set-up to do so)

What I’m getting at…would it be better to create the product feature for this purpose or would creating the additional product codes through the “search words” work just as well. In addition, should you just use a space between product codes or separate each with a comma during creation?

Bout ready to add multiple supplier codes to all my products in this way, which won’t be a quick task. This being the reason that I’m asking. I only want my main product code to be visible on the live site, so creating them elsewhere is imperative for us as well as, the system recognizing them.

Any Help is greatly appreciated as I don’t want to do this twice if ya know what I’m sayin.


suggest you experiment with 5 products using each method and see what works best for your situation. Not sure of what your current real need is and have no idea about what you might want to do in the future.

If I wanted the ability to correlate between my suppliers and my products, I would probably lean toward the product feature method rather than having to parse a string in EVERY product to find the code I’m looking for. I.e. I’d let the database do the work for me.

Given you’re in uncharted territory, a little experimentation would be the best way.

Just to explain myself a bit. My distributor has 3 product codes for the same product. They do this depending on which warehouse they are shipping from. They ship the product for us from the closest warehouse to the packages destination. (saving time in transit)

I’d like to add all the product codes to my products so when I import the in-stock CSV it will be recognized in my database. Currently I only have one of the three product codes.

Here is what I’ve decided to do. I took the suggestion from Tony and added a “Supplier-Code” feature. I created three separate fields and named them based of my suppliers warehouse locations. I think I could have just created one field but this saves time. Also, when doing a admin search for a code the system seems to find the product easier than listing three product codes in the same field. I then set the supplier-code fields to not show on any part of the site.

Thanks for your help! I think this will be my best bet in keeping in tune with my distributors. This will also allow for whatever mod that is created for comparing my inventory against my distributors csv feeds more accurate and less expensive to create.


You’ve added a Supplier Code feature but since they have the same product code, the other distributors products will be overwritten?

How you solved this problem? We wanna import same products from the different suppliers to the back-end but it should be displayed as 1 in the storefront.Struggling to find a solution?

So ,can you clarify the issue?