Add New Payment Which Not Listed In Cs-Cart

Hello, Please tell me with steps how to create a payment method for bank "NBE - National Bank Of Egypt", because we try and not work fine with us (i have php files from the bank and MIGS url + the test form is valid)
also i need to ask about "Does CS Cart support the MIGS integrations or not?", thanks.
is there a code or something CS-Cart put for security reason so i can't add any new payment method?!

You will need to (or it's preferred to) do it as an addon. Look at how the paypal addon is structured as a guide to how you will need to structure your payment addon.

Generally, php files from the vendor are only an example of how to do things. CSC has specific methods for doing payment callbacks that ensure security within the CSC system. You can find a similar module in the app/payments directory and use it as a model for how to construct your app/addons/[addon name]/payments/[addon name].php file.

Please check this article: