Add new layout to new page

i want to create a new page with new layout can anyone please help me

Can you please provide more details?

You can simply create a new layout with the help of my_changes add-on and for this you need to add:

create the files:


In Design > Layouts add new layout:


and to access the page just go to

I hope the above is useful to you.

You can go to Design/layouts in the admin panel and then select “add new layout”. If you have multiple shopfronts (domains) and only want to create the layout page on one shopfront then make sure you select the relevant shopfront.

Once the pop-up opens fill out the box, the first field is a dropdown box and you can select the basic layout you wish to start with.

The documentation provides more information, from this top level page, the subpages layout pages/layout actions provides further infformation.

i want to show some different poducts in new page i want to add products layout in the new page

how can i open this page can you please help me

And also you can add your own custom url by using SEO Rules

can you please help me how to create new page for my website and i want to add banner when customer clicks the banner show the the products page in this new page i will choose different products according to the banner

You can use CMS pages for such a feature

  • create new page (Website → Pages)
  • go to Design → Layouts → Pages
  • create new block with products under main content
  • set global status of this block to Disabled
  • go to block settings and specify your new page in the “Enable for” tab

Please note that this solution does not allow to add pagination and sorting for the list of products

yes this one works I try this one previously
thank you for a detailed explanation

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