Add multiple products to one category


I was wondering if there was a way of adding existing multiple products to one category.

For example if there is a sale on certain items, I want these items to be added to the category “sale items”

I have set up the sale percentages in the catalog promotions

currently people can only see the sale if they happen to see a particular category… but I would lke all the sale itmes to be added to a separate category

At the moment I am manually adding it which is tedious… I tried the bulk edit, but by doing that I loose all the secondary categories…

Is this possible at all… I just lost all the secondary categories on all products after I chose to all products and did the buld edit, secondary categories, instead of adding the one category that I wanted it just replaced all the categories with that one category

Now off to doing it again one by one :confused:

U can add secondary category to products, bulk also

Darius is Correct. We do this all the time by creating a “Sale” Category and then adding products. You just edit a product, go to the secondary Category link, then add the product to the newly created “sale” category.

You can also hide your “Sale” category and list it as a link in your menu bar or as a banner made by creating a html block. This way the category will exist but won’t be listed in your Root categories block.

As mentioned above, you can also bulk edit and add several products at one time to your sales category.

I believe you’re going about this the hard way if you haven’t already noticed by now. However, your site looks very nice.


Much appreciate your responses.

Thank you so much.

But the problem that I faced when I did the bulk edit was that instead of adding the sale category to exiting sub categories to various products, it just went ahead and replaced all the exiting subcategories with only the sale category :confused:

Cant figure out what Im missing out


Go to


  1. Checkbox few top products (products that are going to appear in sale category)
  2. In lower part of page pick “choose action” then “edit selected”.
  3. In popup window click on “unselected all” and check box only “Secondary categories” then “modify selected”.
  4. click on “Apply values to all the selected products
  5. Checkbox “Secondary categories:” pick there category “Sale”, all rest should be left as is unchecked.
  6. Click “Apply” then click “Save

Natura, You are correct. When you use the Bulk Add tool to add secondary categories, it will replace any existing secondary categories for the selected products with the categories you are now adding. It can be a pain in the rear when wanting to add “additional” categories in bulk, but the design also has its value in other situations. Adding secondary categories through the product management page will do just that, add another category, not overwrite what is there but it is not a bulk method.

I think you can import via csv multile secondary catagories, as

///second cat 1///second cat 1///etc///etc///