Add More Information To Email Order


i've to add product image and payment information (ex for bank transfer) to email order, how can i do?


You can search the forums for how to add imagery to items in an order (very old topic).

Payment info would have to be added via hooks or custom code. Cs-cart does some payment tracking, but it is usually payment method specific so that would more than likely be custom work.

Hi tbirnseth,

how can use hook? where i can add custom code to read data and pass it to template file?

I've to add payment information on design/themes/THEME/mail/templates/orders/invoice.tpl file,


To learn about hooks, read the knowledge base about developing an addon. It will also explain how to set any additional template variables you might need. However the invoices probably have all the data already available in them that you will need.

For example, to use the orders:invoice hook in the design/themes/THEME/mail/templates/orders/invoice.tpl, you should enable My changes module and create the following file:


Use the following code to check the content of the $order_info array:


Note: template for administrator emails is located here:


Please read more information about hooks here:

Hi eComLabs,

thanks for reply, it work fine.