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Currently we have some pages that are filtered via tag. However, because of this we have no ability to change meta description/title etc.

This has resulted in poor performance on google for these pages. Is there any way we can add these data points to our tag pages?


I understand the issue you’re facing with your filtered pages and the limitations on changing meta descriptions and titles. This can indeed have a negative impact on the performance of those pages on Google.

To address this problem, we have an add-on called “Tags SEO Friendly” that specifically tackles this issue. It allows you to add and modify meta descriptions, titles, and other relevant data points to your tag pages, thereby improving their visibility and performance on search engines like Google.

With the “Tags SEO Friendly” add-on, you’ll regain control over optimizing your tag pages and ensure they align with your SEO strategy. It’s an effective solution that can help you overcome the limitations you’ve mentioned and enhance the overall performance of your website on search engines.

Feel free to give the “Tags SEO Friendly” add-on a try, and let me know if you have any further questions or need assistance with its implementation.

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Thank you for this,

Does it support later versions of cs-cart? e.g 4.16x

Yes, sure is compatible with the latest version

Hi, i dont think it is. I installed it to my store and it doesnt seem to work

As far I can see you have selected Multi-Vendor 4.11.5, is this correct ?
Can you please share in PM the address of your store to check and be sure about the version in order to debug?

Thank you

i was wondering. We have plenty of keywords for each of our 100k products. They are not imported as Tags yet but would it even be wise to have them tagged if those thousands of new pages are very thin with little content?! I do think internal linlink is really crucial but you dont want to give up crawling volume to useless pages

What would be the best (automatic) solution to this problem?