Add Html Anchors Within the Page


If you want to add some html anchors in a page, you must include the absolute path to a tag

instead of <a href=“#id_caller”…

you should use <a href=“[absolute_path]/[my_page]#id_caller

Mybe this will be userfull.


Try this:


[quote name='Hoko' timestamp='1321531355' post='126161']

Try this:



I know this is an old post but the above does not work in HTML on a page or category or product page. My guess is that would only work within a .tpl file, but not in the html of a product description.

I need not to have to enter the full url… Not only does this defeat the purpose of an anchor, but …

My example:

Im using the same anchor within the short description of a product which is listed in about 100 different categories.

On any category (products list page) that this product that containd the anchor link, is a type of product containing the anchor I want to jump to on the same page. This could be any one of about 60 different products all containing the same anchor.

But the anchor jumps to Eigen Webwinkel beginnen? Webshop beginnen? Gratis uitproberen | instead of jumping to !!!

A working suggestion as to how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. .


Thanks solesurvivor,

I used the simplest method.

I cant post the solution because this stupid "new" forum wont allow me to post text that has Javascript in it.
not within or

The problem now is the age old issue of the WYSYWIG editor cleans out the JS commands, but as long as I edit in source code mode it works well.

Glad to hear it works. Disappointing it's not easy to share the solution for others.

I commented on this issue in another topic:

[url=“Anchors dont work - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Anchors dont work - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

This should be an extremely easy fix to make, CS-Cart. I hope someone will look at this and offer a fix, rather than an overcomplicated workaround that only a developer can do.