Add Filter Position On Layout Page (Categorypage) (4.3.x)

Hi all,

I have a very small simple request. I want to adjust the position of filters on each categorypage.


Category Computers: Colour filter on position 3

Category Cables: colour filter on position 1

I think it's just a small addition to the function of a Block in Layout. It should be great if you could add there for every filter a position.

Please check the image.

If someone can make an add for it, it's fine too!

Kind regards,

Lars de Bruin

image 1.JPG

image 2.png

Hello larrezz91,

This change require customization in code.

For Customization you can contact us:

Thank you

Himanshu Dangwal

Agree with himanshudangwal, some quite complex changes will be required

Thank you guys. I will let someone create the addon.