Add extra discount information next to radio option variant

what is the right way to add extra info or label for some options in the radio buttons option list.

if I add like this in the product_options.tpl

{elseif $po.option_type == "R"} {*Radiobutton*} ..........

{$vr.variant_name} {if $show_modifiers}{hook name="products:options_modifiers"}{if $vr.modifier|floatval}({include file="common_templates/modifier.tpl" mod_type=$vr.modifier_type mod_value=$vr.modifier display_sign=false}){/if}{/hook}{/if}



it shows the same discount percent for every option and if I change option it changes discount percent again for every options…

if I change it to

{if $product.discount_prc}
{foreach from=$po.variants item="var"}

it shows discount only for selected option…

I would like to make it static (like options description-name for example) and shown only for options which has discount

any hint?