Add customers to mailing list

I would like to build a mailing list with all the clients of a particular product. That way, I can decide to send an email or launch a campaign with all those who purchased that product (which is different from my main mailing list).

I found how to create mailing lists… but I don't see how to automatically add clients into it. I don't want to have them check the box “Add me to the clients mailing list” either. How can I do that?

Try [url=“Mailchimp Integration”][/url]

I'm using GetResponse and was thinking about integrating with it; but since CS-Cart has its own mailing list system, I figured out this wouldn't be necessary.

I'm afraid it is… cs-carts mailinglist works fine but it's pretty simple.

ez-ms add-on is really good, it does exactly what you say you want (mail all clients who have bought X) and mailchimp should be able to do just about everything GetResponse does.

We purchased Interspire Email Marketer and have been very impressed with it.

However, has anyone had experience with integrating Customer groups with Interspire Email Marketer?

Thanks :)