Add content pages to Main Top Menu?

in 3.01 how does one add a Category to the Main Top Menu that will have a dropdown list of Content Pages and not products?

I have four Categories across the top with dropdown products in them. I want to add a fifth Category that has content pages in the dropdown.

Even I am looking to figure out this. Let me know if you find out a way to do it.

I searched the knowledge base, forums and bug tracker and couldn’t find anything. I hope I am missing something simple. I cannot imagine v3 not having this capability :(

Easy cheesy.

Go to Design => Menus => Add Menu => Call it Top Menu or whatever

Then Design => Menus => Manage Items for your new menu

Add your categories like:


Then add your pages like:


Then go to Design => Blocks => Remove your existing block

Then Design => Blocks => Your grid => Add block => Create New Block => Menu => Choose your new menu

Now you will have the categories and pages all as dropdowns and matching.

I hope that helps,




Will this create one Menu? After I add the Categories, how do I add the Pages without overwriting the Categories I already added? I do not see how to add both at the same time. Or am I missing something obvious?

With this method, you are creating your menu manually. If you add more root categories to your shop, you'd have to add them to this menu.

If you just add new sub-categories or pages, they will automatically be updated.

If you do your positioning by 10's, then you can easily add in more root categories as needed without having to totally change your positioning.

Does that help?



Thanks. I didn't think to create the Menu manually. Shame it can't be auto generated from the existing categories. Seems like double work to create the categories twice.

I guess a guy could leave the top menu like it is by default and then create a second menu of the pages. Then make the top menu grid like 14 grids wide and the page menu 2 grids wide. Then just change the CSS to make both menus blend together.

Doing it this way would make it so that you only have to create the root categories once and they would be automatically created.

I just explained how to blend the CSS for the categories and search, so I'd guess this would be something similar.

Of course, how often do you add more root categories? Then if you include how many root categories will actually fit into the top menu, it would be kind of hard to add too many.



[color=#00A8D5]Add content pages to Main Top Menu?I want to know it ,too![/color]

Nice one Brandon…

Say are you a cs-cart beta tester? I like the way you analyze things, very professional man.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks brandonvd for your help! :)

perfect explanation! thanks brandonvd! :-)

Hello, there are some way to do this editing the templates?