Add button to product page


Can someone help me, how to make a button on the product page, which will be a link, but so that I can assign a different link to each product.
I want those links to lead to a external 360 view of the product.
The button can look the same everywhere, but I don’t know how to create a field in the admin panel/products where I will enter that link.

I am using CS-Cartv4.17.2.SP1 and latest Youpi theme.

Thanks in advance!

Any help, please?

Thanks in advance

Adding a button easy, just create a html/smarty block and add code e.g.

> <button type="button" class="ty-btn ty-btn__primary">Click me!</button>

(or __secondary) but connecting it requires a controller and that requires skills e.g. Creating A Functional Button - #18 by ecomlabs

You can find ready made addon options in marketplace e.g. cartpower is half the price of webkul Product 360 view: CS-Cart add-on by Cart-Power

May be the following module can help you