Add Billing & Shipping phone number to Export/Import

You can specify a billing & shipping phone number when creating orders, however they are not exported/imported for some reason.

Therefore, I’ve made this simple addon that adds the two fields to the EXIM feature.


Unfortunately I don’t have enough posts to attach files yet (I think that’s why anyway), so I’ll have to provide an external link for now:

[URL=“”]File sharing and storage made simple


  1. Drop the exim_orders folder in to your store’s addons folder
  2. Install the addon by navigating to your store administration’s Add-ons page.
  3. When exporting orders, move Billing: phone and Shipping: phone from Available fields to Exported fields. Position each one at the correct spot in the list if you are OCD like me.
  4. (optionally) Click the Save layout button so you don’t have to repeat Step 3 in the future.