Add background image

Searched up and down but couldn’t find any info on this. Does anyone know what code is needed to add a background image similar to what this store did:


I’m assuming I need to add the necessary code in the styles.css file

any advice would be immaculate, im making some great progress modifying this themedemon template

I’ve done basically the same thing for one of my sites. Here is the css used by the site you linked to:

body {
background-position:center top;

The image that is called up is 1600 px wide by 500 px high and is repeated vertically.

The image also has a white space in middle of it that is probably about 800 px wide so that the content can fit in it.

If you use Firefox and download Firebug you can see how the style sheet works. Firebug is a tool that I use all the time and is real handy.

I hope this helps,


Brandon, thank you very much for the info going to check it out now :cool:

Brandon, I’m looking to do the same thing. I tried substituting the code you pointed out in my styles.css file with the url pointing to the image I wanted to repeat. However, after saving the changes, it didn’t do anything. Perhaps I’m not changing some other settings?

The example website at the beginning of this thread really captures the type of side margin imaging I would like to do.

Any help would be appreciated.

By the way, the skin I’m using is artificial casting. Don’t know if that helps.