Add a feedback for to EVERY page?

I’d like to create a form similar to what you can see here…


…on every single page on my CS-Cart site.

( Actually I don’t want anything this big. Just a single one or two line form at the bottom of the page )

Does anyone have any idea how I could go about achieving this?

something like this would not be too difficult…I added an address/phone number bar ONLY when you are on cart or checkout or contact us, and this would be similiar with the “if” statement not included(if you want it on every page).

[URL=“”]Playboy Back Issues Price List - Exception

Here’s the way it “should” work (in theory)

  1. create your form. do this by creating a css-style and add it to your css file (make sure there are no conflicting names). then create the form using the new css style.

    (there are a lot of examples of how to create a css form on the web)

    Test the form individually before you try to implement it.

  2. Create a template (.tpl) and name it allfeedback.tpl or something like that. It would contain the html for your form.

  3. Save it in your skins file named as above.

  4. Open your index.tpl file, and add the “include file” to your index.tpl

    to do this simply add a … (for 1.3.4sp3) after the last so it appears on the bottom.

    for 1.3.5, i would have to look and see how it is separated.

    (here is the code I added for my “address bar”)



$target == ‘cart’ ||

$target == ‘checkout’ ||

$target == ‘forms’ ||

$target == ‘orders’ ||

$target == ‘auth’ ||

$target == ‘profiles’ ||

$current_url == “$index_script”



{include file=“address.tpl”}



I suppose you could add it in the bottom.tpl, but i believe it has 3 vertical fields, whereas index only uses 1 field, and you would need to designate a full table or div element.

I am adding the template I made up for that address/phone bar:

Gatefold Back Issues 11083 Prospect Road Cleveland, OH (440) 238-4466