ADD 1 product and other 2 goes to the cart automatic


I am having a big problem with my webstore.

You logged in the webstore and choose a product. You click to ADD it to the cart… and other 2 products from the same category goes to the cart together, automatically.

When you click in the cart (to see what is inside it) the product you WANT TO BUY disappear and only the other 2 one (that you don’t want to buy) stay inside the cart.

I think the problem can be in the integration with the SSL certificate, but I can be wrong.

Did Anyone have the same problem?

In attachment, one image with the NOTICE that appear in the right position of the screen.

store version: 2.0.12

(I think I will need to migrate to the new version… if this problem were not found)



In spite of no answers…

I have found the solution.