Adcanced Import Products Stop

Hi i have 3700 products and if i import image it stop 30 minutes later. import works very slowly i dont understand why and

my php ini

memory_limit - 256M

max_execution_time - 3600

memory_limit - 256Mb

post_max_size - 64M

default_socket_timeout - 600

max_execution_time - 3600

upload_max_filesize - 32M

Thanks from now


Maybe try to import from the console.Then you will see exactly what is going on.

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i repat again but it start begining and nothing chance it stop 30 minutes later

one by one, I deleted the products without pictures. And i selected "Settings- import strategy - Created New one" and it stop began.

But i test in demo site its works well and works properly and finishes


Try to enable the DEVEL mode and disable ajax loading.
Devel is included in the config.php files. Ajax turns off in a file
delete cm-ajax cm-comet
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Thanks softsolid

i delete code in site. But at the time, site is a connection with cloudflare and it gives "Error 504" pages after a certain time


Maybe this is problem with mod_security ?

Do you have the option to disable mod_security for checking?

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Also if you use FastCGI, it has own limits

Hi softsolid

mod_security not run in server. Devel before gives 504 why i don't understand but i start again in Devel is running and nothing change it stop again.

Thanks ecomlap for your answer

i use apache and search for this forum i must change "max_input_time" before 60 i change 360 but still nothing change

Can you break up your 3700 lines of import CSV into 3 1000 line files and one 700 line file?

Is there any error in your php error_log file?

Hi tbirnseth
in error log have this
[Wed Jan 16 17:15:28.988620 2019] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 26823:tid 369747087345408] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client 685.654.98.15:46944] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling), referer:

Suggest you conact your hosting and have them up the related timeout (there are many) for FCGI PHP.

Alternatively you can break it up into smaller operations.

Thanks tbirnseth

its something wrong maybe because i only add new products and start began its stop if i choose add image.

And i saw product code is repeat import again not only add new products

And in import the same image name the next product maybe for this reason its crash i don't understand

Hi tbirnseth

i import only products not image in it. And only add image i think something wrong image size or byte. How can i solve this??

Not clear on what you're asking. Product code is always required and should be unique per product. Image import is optional. But you need to upload the images in bulk first, then import referencing those images.

image size is maybe high so that reason its stop or the image is the same name. it stop for that reason?? One by one, there is no problem when I add

Dimension image 4757x3577

SÄ°ze 280KB

How can i fix this??

Suggest you contact your hosting and have them up the related timeout (there are many) for FCGI PHP. Alternatively you can break it up into smaller operations.

Hi sankalppatil

Thanks its something affected third party addon