ACH Vendor Payments

Hey guys,

We have been looking for a good system to streamline our payments to vendors that we will work with. I wanted to share one that I’ve found that we will most likely use because of the ability to send payment straight to a vendors bank account. It is:

They offer a few different product options, but we are just going to use the ‘Payout’ feature for now. They are also a white label open source company. So it would be cool if in the future there can be some integration with this system and CS-Cart so we can pay out vendors similar to how Amazon does.

If there are any other sites similar to this that anyone has seen feel free to share, I’d love to take a look at options.


Hi there,

I checked Balanced Payment and currently it is not active.

If you still want feature where vendors will get their payment directly into their bank account then you might be interested in Stripe connect manage, where vendors fill their bank details to get payments.