Access Zip Files On Cloudfront Instead of Storing On My Server

I have our download .zip files stored on Amazon Cloudfront and when I create a file for the download product it asks me to enter “local”, “server” or “Url”. Whenever I enter the URL in adding the file, CS-Cart automatically copies the file to my server and I am assuming this is where it downloads from instead of Cloudfront… Is there a way to access my URL at Cloudfront for the download file without it being stored on my server?

Is there a simple work around for this that I've missed? Sorry if I've overlooked the option if there is. Thank you for helping.


can any one teach me

if i have shirt with one color and in admin panel i put in color option 4 or many color ,

and when enter my website and change the color it didn't change what should me done how in website change the color ?