About Vendor Billing & Invoicing

anyone know any solution create invoices for vendors ?

we need to send invoices to vendors for commissions bu i cant any solution, also need and payflow addon for vendors.

Interested in your question. If there is no billing module for vendors, it might be interesting to add the option to download certain information under the heading "Accounting".
For example, generate a document that contains the order data for which the commission invoice was made.


We have an addon to integrate with invoiceocean and for one of the clients we have made commission invoices.

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can u send me demo ? also we cant use locally ? just print a pdf ?


add-on demo is available here:


I have sent you access credentials on private message.

When you go into tab Vendors → Accounting, you can see that you can place an invoice for each payout using button “Generate invoice”.
Then, you can download it or delete it.

If you have any more questions regarding this add-on, ask here or PM me.

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