About This Section

Hello and welcome!

This section of the forum is dedicated to the renewed CS-Cart documentation. Here we’ll be posting news about significant changes in the documentation, and you can provide feedback and suggestions, ask questions, and even request new articles.

Feel free to comment on the news that we’ll post and start your own topics.

Why Are the New Docs More Convenient?

For a long time we have been offering 3 types of CS-Cart docs:

1. Reference Guide that contains general information about CS-Cart, its admin panel, storefront, menus, and settings.

2. Knowledge Base that has particular instructions on how to configure CS-Cart.

3. Developer documentation that simplifies the work for programmers and designers who develop modifications and add-ons for CS-Cart.

These have been separate resources on different domains—our customers often didn’t know where exactly to search for solutions.

To eliminate any difficulties, we’ve gathered all the articles from the Reference Guide, the Knowledge Base, and Developer documentation all in one place—CS-Cart Documentation.

You can learn more about each section of the documentation in our detailed blog post.