About this affiliate, give me a suggestion

I would like to buy this affiliate program.

Does it has problem with CS-Cart?

[URL=“http://jam.jrox.com/features/”]Affiliate Marketing Software

The most interest me is

Create Up To 10 Commission Levels with Forced Matrix option

Start your Affiliate Marketing Program at No Initial Cost

No Feature Restrictions on Free Version, Just Limited to 250 Total Affiliates

All Features in Licensed Version Available on Free Version

Free Technical Support via our Customer Support Forums

Upgrade to Licensed Version Easily when you need to expand

Licensed Version

Manage an Unlimited Number of Affiliates, Products, and Commissions

Easy Setup with Windows Installer, Web-Based Installation

No Setup Fees or Monthly Charges

Free Software Updates for Life Included

Free Technical Support via Help Desk for One Year

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Affiliate Management

Manage Your Affiliates

Add, Edit, Delete Affiliate Members

Search Affiliates Option Based on Certain Criteria

Set Custom Commission Amounts Per Affiliate Member

Add, Edit, Delete Notes on Your Affiliate Members

View Affiliate Member Downlines

Dynamic Subdomain Affiliate Link Support (http://affiliate.domain.com)

Automatic Signup Module - Integrates with your Shopping Cart

Email Your Affiliates

Email Affiliates based on Groups: All, Active, Inactive, or Custom Groups

Send Text, HTML, or Both Email Types to Affiliates

Send Emails using the Built-In HTML Editor - No HTML knowledge Required

Built-In Custom Tags allow for Email Personalization

Pay Your Affiliates

Multiple Payment Options to Pay Affiliate Members

Pay Affiliates Directly using Paypal

Print Invoice Payments to Pay via Check

Paypal Mass Payment Option

View Affiliate Member’s Payment History

Option to Set Signup / Performance Bonuses for Affiliates

Analyze Affiliate Performance

View Performance using Dynamic, Flash-Based Reports

Analyze Affiliate Performance on a Daily or Monthly Basis

Graph Click Referrals and Commissions

View Top Affiliate Performers

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Commission Management

Create Up To 10 Commission Levels with Forced Matrix option

[COLOR=“Red”]Set up to 10 Commission Payout Levels

Built-In Forced Matrix Option Included

5 Affiliate Maximum for Forced Matrix Width

Payouts can be Flat-Fee or Percentage based on Sale Amount

Manage Your Affiliate Commissions [/COLOR]

Add, Edit, Delete Affiliate Commissions

Set New Commissions to Pending First for Manual Verification

Option to Auto-Approve Pending Commissions after certain time

Search Commissions based on Certain Criteria

Add Custom Fields for Commissions Generated

Automatic Refund Module - For refunding affiliate payments

Analyze Your Affiliate Commissions

Dynamic, Flash-Based Reports show Top Commission Earners

View Reports on Commissions Generated Per Month / Year

View Top Referring Websites based on Commissions Generated

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Marketing Tools - 7 Different Types

Banner Ad Management

Create Unlimited Banner Ads Per Product

Upload GIF, JPEG, or SWF (Flash) Banners

Option to Redirect Each Banner to Custom URL

Option to Store Banners in Database - For Added Flexibility

Text Link Ad Management

Create Unlimited Text Links Per Product

Option to Redirect Each Text Link to Custom URL

Text Ad Management

Create Unlimited Text Ads Per Product

Option to Redirect Each Text Ad to Custom URL

Text Ads are Similar to Google AdSense Text Ads

Customizable Font, Title, and Background Colors

HTML Editor allows you to create Text Ads with No HTML Knowledge

Hover Ad Management

Create Unlimited Hover Ads Per Product

Option to Redirect Each Hover Ad to Custom URL

Hover Ads will “hover” on top of your Affiliate’s Web Page until closed.

Great for Grabbing a Visitor’s Attention Quickly

Customizable Font, Title, and Background Colors

HTML Editor allows you to create Hover Ads with No HTML Knowledge

Email Ad Management

Create Unlimited Email Ads Per Product

Option to Redirect Each Email Ad to Custom URL

Great for Promoting Email Marketing Campaigns for your Affiliates

Your Affiliates can just Copy and Paste your Email Ads to Promote

Built-In Tell-A-Friend Marketing Tool

Allow your Affiliates to Send a Short Note to their friends about your products

Up to 10 Separate Friends can be notified at one time

Customizable Tell-A-Friend Template Included

Affiliate Download Management

Option to Allow Affiliate Members to View their Downlines

Option to Allow Affiliate Members to Email their Downlines

Option to Enable HTML Editor for Emailing Affiliate Downlines

Affiliate Ad Tracking Tool

Allow Members to Track each Affiliate Link

Great for Tracking Affiliate Advertising Campaigns

Gives Members the Power to Analyze their Ad Marketing Campaigns

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Unlimited Products with Their Own Custom Affiliate Programs

Create Unlimited Products with Custom Commission Payouts

Promote Different Products with their own Custom Affiliate Programs

Each Product can have its own Affiliate Members Area and Login

Each Product has its own Marketing Tools associated with it.

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Dynamic Reporting Tools

Graphs and Reports available in Flash-Format or Normal HTML

Graph and Analyze Affiliate Program Performance

Reports and Graphs available to both Admins and Affiliate Members

View Performance on a Daily, Monthly or Yearly Basis

Reports are Dynamically Generated on Demand

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More Advanced Features

JAM comes with Tons More Advanced Features:

Bookmark Favorite Pages or Reports with the Bookmarks Module

Events Logging and Events Viewer

Security Options such as Admin Lockout Timer and Email Alerts

Built-In HTML Email and Ad Editor

Daily Admin Reports and Statistics

Email Alerts on Affiliates and Commissions

And So Much More…

Another to look at


And another


CS v1.3.4 most likely will have an Affiliate module built-in for free.

[quote name=‘snorocket’]CS v1.3.4 most likely will have an Affiliate module built-in for free.[/QUOTE]

Will CS v1.3.4 has Forced Matrix option ?

I don’t know as it’s not out yet, do to be released end of summer which is approx. another 1.5 months or so…and included free with a CS license, also the program your looking at will not be integrated into CS and costs $250