About the checkout page

Is there any way that i can put a message on the checkout page?

Many people put the wrong billing address, and if they do, the money is released from their account, but not coming to us.

They always call and complain, so i want to post a message on the checkout page to tell customer to make sure to put the correct billing address.

Try to edit the file checkout.tpl

Can you explain more about it or can you show me some sample?

I added a note because I ship everything UPS. What I did was:

In skins/my-skin/customer/views/checkout/components/checkout_steps.tpl


{include file="views/profiles/components/multiple_profiles.tpl" show_title=true hide_profile_name=$hide_profile_name hide_profile_delete=true profile_id=$cart.profile_id create_href="$index_script?dispatch=checkout.checkout&edit_step=step_two&from_step=$edit_step&profile=new"}

I added:

We ship all domestic orders using UPS Ground so please make sure your shipping address is a Physical Location

This is what I ended up with:

My layout is different than yours, but you should still end up with similar results.

I hope it helps,