About Redirect 301


here is my problem : In order to process payments, I unchecked the “show language in URL”.

now, this is my trouble :

If you search for my website in google like this “myshop”, google will show this link :


​If you search for “myshop.com” google will show the following result :


IN order to avoid customers payments troubles, I want the customers to arrive on my website only using the following url :

http://www.myshop.com [color=#ff0000](no /fr, or / en, etc.)[/color]

]Also, I want google to change the links including /fr

I imagine that the issue is to write a 301 redirect in the .htaccess file ? please confirm.

My version is a 4.x.x (the last one).

Here are my questions :

the .htaccess file is huge and I dont know where i must write the redirect 301

Once the redirection will be on my server, will it be ok for the customers coming from “myshop.com” ?

I'm sorry, I'm not very clear…

In fact, what want is :

If the incoming link is www.myshop.com, change nothing

If the incoming link is www.myshop.com/fr (or /en or else…) I want to change it to www.myshop.com

Thanks for your help

no ideas folks ?