About Mve Plus Common Product Addon

i want tell some ideas about common product, its really un usable addon.

doesnt like amazon.

1-) was have addo cart problem with company id = 0, team fixed this but solutions is if product common, redirect to tab. thats your solutions ?

2-) no have redirect common products default eg: cheaper seller or higher rated vendor. Site admin must be select this with settings

3-)vendors cant use own stock codes.

you says in blog and mv details pages start own amazon airbn ebay etc.

but please check how its work common product there.

firstly you have to put GTIN field default to products fileds.

Amazon first check GTIN if have giving vendor selling acces if not giving seller create access.

its must be same.

and frontend amazon. list catalog and product details all products and one seller is default ( in action Add to cart adding that vendor items ) later listing another vendors right side. or tabs no matter

you can sure no body look tabs for adding product to cart( its must be there in default state ! )

if you offer "Create own amazon wth MVE plus" Please do it better !