Abondoned Carts Database


is it possible to copy some cscart_stored_sessions rows from one db to another ? Want to move few customers carts, is that possible ?

INSERT INTO cscart_stored_sessions (`session_id`, `expiry`, `data`) VALUES ('**********************');

Using phpmyadmin you could do something like:

REPLACE into db2.cscart_stored_sessions SELECT * FROM db1.cscart_stored_sessions

Adapt to use whatever conditions you want to apply.

in cscart_stored_sessions of 481 records are as text, in 4121 blob binary so I suppose it would not work..

If the data doesn't have non-text data, it should work okay. Most of that info is serialized and is stored as a string. Not sure why they changed it to binary other than mySQL can do a bit more compression on binary data. You can just backup your receiving table and give it a try and see what happens.