Ability to add Destinations

I live in Florida and need to collect taxes from Florida residences. The problem is Florida has a set tax rate of 6%, however each county has their own additional tax from an additional .5 % to 2%. I have to collect the proper tax based on where the items I am shipping is shipped to.

So in other words, we could ship an item to one customer in Miami-Dade county which should be a 8% sales tax and ship the same item to someone in Sarasota County which the sales tax in Sarasota county is 7%.

No I know I could use zip codes, however some counties have the same zip codes in areas as other counties, but the tax rate could be different.

If there was either a county destination added or the ability too add to the destinations area yourself that would solve this problem totally.



egads…what a mess that must be…(oh, its the same here in ohio LOL)

BUT, I “think” you have to charge your counties sales tax regardless of what destination in florida you ship to. I would check further into that.

otherwise you need to designate the cities for each individual tax by creating more tax fields under manage taxes …

i think u are mistaken about the tax law on this - almost all states have similar tax structure- u shouldnt be responsible for filing or collecting local taxes for counties outside you own just as u are not for states outside your own. now, i have heard about carts that allow an additional local tax in addition t o a standard tax. but it certainly wouldnt be for all localities… u should call the dept of revenue (fl) - and and ask them this…

2 reasons I think you collect YOUR counties rate (or the rate in effect where your business is located)

Tax Rate here in Cuyahoga County is 7.75%.

1/2 mile away is Medina County @6.0% (where I buy my cigarettes) I pay 6% in Medina County. They don’t ask if I am in Cuyahoga County. (although they do if you buy a car or boat)

Also, when I file my State Sales Tax Return, there is only one way to fill it out…

(Gross Sales) minus (exempt sales) = (net sales) X .0775.

Now, in FL you may file with each county separately, but boy would that be a nightmare. 67 different forms for 67 different taxing districts every month?


I agree. Check with the state but you should only be taxing based on where you are located.

I called the department of revenue and the I got is this. A business that sells taxable products are responsible to collect the taxt due for the county in which the product is delivered. Example given was your business is based in Leon county which is a 7% tax rate, you ship a product to Broward county who’s tax rate is 6% the business is responsible to collect 6% in sales tax.

If the product is picked up at you local business you would charge what the tax rate is in the count your business is located with a few exceptions, such a cars which need to pay the tax rate in the county in which the car will be registered.

So there you have it, another well thoughtout Florida system.

P.S. if you don’t charge the proper tax and get audited you will be responsible for unpaid taxt as well as additional fines.

Well I figured out a way to do it for now. I got it to add the taxt rate for the Florida County where the item is being shipped. I would be better if that option was in the destination area but this will work for now.