Abandoned / Live Cart To Order

I wish some developer would consider making such addon.

Today customer was trying to place order but got some problem. He was doing this as not registered customer and now his cart is going, while I still see this abandoned cart in admin backend.

This list of products consists of 95 products and this list does not even have sku numbers besides it. So in order to create order from backend I have to open each product copy sku and put it for new order.. Lots of unnecessary work. Wish there was easier solution.

Doesn't the customer see the abandoned cart when coming back to your site from the same IP address? If they return then that cart should be loaded into their session.

We can certainly create you the ability to import products from an abandoned cart into an order for backend order management. However, if as you said, the customer was not logged in, how do you identify their abandoned cart if they've yet to add an email address?

I see two diferent carts from same ip one as registered customer second as unregisteredā€¦ he just reported that he had stuff in cart and is goneā€¦