Abandoned Carts - How Do You Deal With Them?

I am noticing quite a large number of abandoned carts compared to sales and I am wondering how everyone is dealing with their own. Is there a way to get a window to pop up when they abandon a cart to give a little survey on how to improve the site? Is there anything else you guys have found that works?

First of all thats normal.

If they are registered you could send them an e-mail. Here is 37 Examples of Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails:

Personally I always find it a bit creepy when I get an email about an “abandoned” basket and it actually puts me off using that store in future.

I know that it happens but I think my ratio of sales to abandons is too high.

I want to avoid forcing people to login to shop. Are their other options out there? I feel like I have seen sites that show a popup asking if you really want to abandon your cart when they try to click away. Are there any plugins that do this for CS-cart?

Google creates these in mine. I always leave any with logins for a ten days then delete them. I think if they are abandand sales they show as incomplete. This has happened on mine when the customer couldn’t pick a shipping option because I hadn’t put the country in the shipping :-)