Ab Addon - Product Sets (Up-Sell)

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The addon is designed to increase checks due to placement of the products selection in close proximity to the Add to cart button and the convenient interface of products adding to the order.

For the store administrator, the addon allows adding sets of complementary products or services to the selected product (a set of product items added manually). Each such set (list of products) may have a position and a name.

For the user (client) of the store, which is located on the detailed page of the product having such sets, a special mechanism will be presented with the ability to manually or automatically add products from the sets to the order. Added products will be displayed in a list next to the buy button as well as the total amount of the purchase, taking into account the active promotions in the store. By clicking on the Buy product button and all items selected from the set will be added to the cart.

Dear friends, we have released 2 new update releases

v1.6.2 from 09/10/2019

Bug fixes:
[!] On the product card page at switching product options — sets block display is broken. Fixed.

v1.7.0 from 09/10/2019

Functionality changes:

[*] Block behavior when switching variations is changed.

Bug fixes:
[!] On the product page the selection block was displayed when all products in all sets were disabled. Fixed.

Updates are available to all users with an active subscription; they are made through the CS-Cart Update Center.

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