A way to send test emails?

I am modifying some of the emails that get sent such as new profile, new order, status change etc. Is there a way to send a test of these emails rather than triggering them from the front end?


The trouble is that emails are template based and therefore require “context”. I.e. order_info, user_info, etc… One would have to build an environment that allowed the admin to select the order_id or customer to use in creating the test…

Oh well.

Any reason you don't just do an “Act on Behalf Of” for customers and use test orders for your order emails? I think you can resend an order invoice without changing status (but don't remember off the top of my head).

Just make an order in your own shop and click on the order in the admin area. You can then simply keep changing the status in the admin and choose if cs-cart should send an email to customer and / or orders department.

Thanks, after running some tests, I realize that changing the order status was the way to go.