A manual for non computer gurus

I have always contended that the software company that will be able to talk to and be understood by people like me will make Bill Gates look like a pauper.

There are way too many assumptions and not enough analogies ( none actually ) in the user manual.

Perhaps most of you guys can understand all the terminologies.

All I can say is ‘lucky you’.

Thing is I don’t have heaps of money or there is no way I would have tackled this


Go easy on my if I ask some really stupid questions on these boards.

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Go easy on my if I ask some really stupid questions on these boards.[/QUOTE]

There is no such thing as a stupid question and these boards should be very helpful for you as I find myself always coming back here to get answers.

Ditto ^^,

I only bite hands when people start demeaning others because they can’t answer their question

I agree. A user guide for dummies would be a great idea. Personally, I spent more time trying to learn the basics in the beginning than I did creating my catalog. Luckily, the forum saved me many times.

So here’s my idea:

We create a user manual called CS Cart 101 and a number of users each contribute a chapter. The users would make a PDF file of their chapter, and all chapter would be stored under a separate topic area in the forum.

I’d be willing to spend a few hours creating a chapter.

But here’s the problems that would need to be solved before beginning:

1] There is a new Cart version out now with new features (I’m assuming)

2] It would be hard to limit the number of chapter to just 20 or 30

3] Someone would need to oversee the project

When I first started looking into cart software I looked at Zen Cart and purchased a book offered through their site. It allowed me to understand the software and become very comfortable with it. It was like Zen Cart for dummies. I would love to have a book like this for CS Cart. I would pay for it!!

This could be a great way for the guru’s to make some extra cash for mods and such. Think about it, “CS Cart for Dummies”. I’d pay 50 bucks.