A few things that before i choose cs-cart

Dear Tom,

Thank you for you interest in CS-Cart shopping cart software.

I will answer your questions point by point.

[quote]1/ is there an seo url patch/mod somewhere that rewrites urls in (eg. category/product-name.html) format? I know you have the html catalog, but i really would prefer to have a single set of files and use mod_rewrite to change them like most other carts do Is this is available for cs-cart, i think i would be sold [/quote]

No, default CS-Cart doesn’t have such option. But it is in our feature list and most probably it will be added in one of the next versions. At this moment we can offer you creation of this add-on as a paid custom development service only.

[quote]/ is hsbc (UK) epayment system a possible payment solution via cs-cart?[/quote]

Yes, CS-Cart is fully integrated with HSBC payment system. We disabled all payment gateways and realtime shipping systems in the trial version of CS-Cart to limit its functions.

[quote]3/ is there an active free mods community?[/quote]

By this moment no, however we are working on the developers API to let 3rd party developers design CS-Cart add-ons more actively.

Thank you