A credit note or refund on customer's account?

Hi there,

I’ve had a customer return a couple of products due to a fault, and I now need to apply a credit note to their account, so that when they order again their account will be in credit.

What is the best way to do this?


If this particular customer pays on a “cash basis” (credit card, COD, check in advance, etc.), then you could issue them a one time use Coupon Code for the amount of the credit which they can apply to their next order. If this customer has payment terms such as Net 30, etc. and places orders via Purchase Order, then just issue them a credit memo through your internal accounting system and apply this credit amount to their open account balance.

Or you could also give them a Gift Certificate

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]Or you could also give them a Gift Certificate[/QUOTE]

I do this as often as my customers allow.A very small percentage of my business is online purchases (although a great deal is generated by customers calling after viewing online).

So…say the customers that I have that need a credit note that may have bought offline and need a credit note through my accounts package (Sage) I offer them a gift cert like Tbirnseth said. This acheives 2 things, 1; they get the value they need (although I usually offer a little more to for them to take the voucher) and 2 it gets another visitor to your site for traffic and sees all your offers etc, and it is certainly easier than raising a credit note blah blah.(vat and tax issues)